Prizegiving Roundup

Tuesday 22 August 2017

2017 prizegiving has been and gone. Those that turned up, which were more than expected, enjoyed themselves. Good to see everyone in such high spirits and a bit of fun was had on the night. To those that went scoreless during the season and entered the undy run, well done. Well done to the pressies for not getting down to their tighty whiteys, saves the embarrasment all round.

The pressies kicked off the evening with the player of the year award going to an absent Ihaia Burns. Heath was a special mention (cause he's special) and was awarded a commemorative mug and tee shirt for his efforts in running the team.

The under 85's, being the senior team of the club (not the oldest) were in line for a long list of trophies. 

Over 30's trophy - Joe Heta

Sportsmanship Trophy - shared by Scott Hooper & Brock Tollen-Stevens

Supporters Forward - Rob Pollard

Supporters Back - Dan Power

Most Improved Player - Sam Smith

Most Valued Player - Taylor Reidy

Pat Yates Memorial Trophy - Vinnie Long

Viliami Tavalea Memorial Trophy - Brad Cochrane

Player of the Year - Cody Waaka

Well done to those players.

Special Club Trophy's were presented to Nick Lawrence (Club Fellowship) and Rob Kingi (Club Spirit)

The presentation of an engraved hip-flask was made to the two coaches Vaughan and Mike for their outstanding contribution to the 2017 season. Thank you both and a thank you to all those involved, form payers through to committee and all those in between for an exceptional 2017 rugby season.

Looking forward to next season...............

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