The weekend that was # 2

Thursday 13 April 2017

The under 85"s were away to Ardy Ardy Ardy last Saturday (8th) and came away with a second placing. I am not sure that the 29-5 score that was posted was correct, but it sure flattered AM. The boys went good, gave as good as they got, and were unlucky on many occasions. Jeff the ref was the usual........... read into that what you like. Clive Franks had no moments this week, just thought the lads "went bloody well".

Not much of an aftermatch at Am but a few came back to Drury for a crate smashing introduction. More injuries sustaned off the pitch, and with Caveman the smasher the call went out for the blue card. Some good video footage for youtube / the grand kids.

No footy for them this Easter weekend and their next game on the 22nd is away at Bombay at 1.00pm.

The pressies played Papakura at South Park. It was the usual Kura/Druyy smash em over sort of a game , lots of blood but a few beers downed in the club afterward.

No rugby for them for two weeks, Easter and then a bye, which suits those that are competing at the Masters Games in two weeks.

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