Have You Heard ???????? The Prem Season Ends.

Tuesday 26 April 2016

Most will already know, but just in case you don't , Drury has pulled their Prem and Prem Reserve teams for 2016. The reasons are many but I won't bore you.

Thank you to those loyal sponsors and supporters who have supported us over the last few seasons and more. Sorry to let you all down at this stage of the rugby season.

The club approached this season with the aim of introducing some new blood into the premier mix and we were on track for a while, but by the time week three of the comp came around we were back to the same issues that have plagued us for the last two-three rugby seasons.

The final straw for me has been the transferring out of the club by players I always thought of as our local boys, the ones that keep us coming back year after year.

Those couple of thrashings we suffered at the end were only going to continue, as we did not have the player numbers for two teams. It was time to stop kidding ourselves that things were going to improve, so a meeting was held with the trustees and committee members, where it was unanimously decided to call it a day for 2016.

The club is not shutting its doors or anything dramatic. Junior rugby is going strong and the season is due to commence once the school holidays are over. Drury's Pressies team will still be playing every second Saturday at home.

Once winter finally kicks in I hope to catch up with you all down the club in front of that wonderful fire.

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